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Thanks to modern medical treatments and equipment in connection with thermal, healing, mineral water, the new Balneocentre can be ranked among the most professional medical workplaces.  On the ground floor you will find thetreatments’ sale and schedulingoffice where you canpurchase and schedule a wide range of treatments which include mineral baths, hydro massage, peat wraps, electrotherapy, individual and group exercise, and much more. During your visit to the BALNEOCENTRE you can enjoy your timein thenew Vital Cafe with a wide range of refreshments and snacks. You can get in shape thanks to the modernCardio Fitness Centre which can be found on the first floor.

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Discover perfect relaxation

Spa treatments


A set of massage strokes with stronger pressure on the skin, subcutaneous structures and muscles using massage oil.

They include the following treatments:

  • Classic massage (partial, total)
  • Bamboo massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Massage with lava stones
  • Honey detox massage
  • Reflex foot massage
  • Manual lymphatic drainage - face and décolleté
  • Instrumental anti-cellulite lymphatic drainage
  • Manual anti-cellulite lymphatic drainage
  • Maderotherapy
  • Banking
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Thermal therapy

Heat treatment, which is administered in the form of wraps and compresses, is excellent for relaxing the body; it also serves to warm up the body and improve blood circulation..

They include the following treatments:

  • Peat wrap
  • Paraffin compress - partial
  • Single paraffin compress HERBAL
  • Single paraffin compress CHOCOLATE
  • Mud wrap for joints
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Thermal therapy


A method of physical therapy in which water of varying temperature is applied to the surface of the body, possibly with special chemicals found in the aquatic environment.

They include the following treatments:

  • Mineral bath
  • Bubble bath
  • Whirlpool bath
  • Whirlpool limb bath
  • Underwater massage
  • Mineral bath with eucalyptus salt
  • Mineral bath with peat
  • Mineral bath with cannabis oil
  • Mineral bath with seaweed
  • Mineral bath with herbs
  • Alternating foot bath
  • Scottish spritzers
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Electrotherapy is one of the therapies which uses the healing effect of electricity. The principle of this treatment lies in the stimulation of muscles and nerves. Alternating electric current of different frequencies is a popular physiotherapy treatment.  It affects blood circulation and metabolism in the body. Electrotherapy treatments support the physiological processes in the tissues, influence blood circulation and metabolism, and also relax sore muscles and have an analgesic effect.

They include the following treatments:

  • Diadynamic
  • Diatron
  • Neurodyn
  • Ultrasound
  • TENS
  • Magnetotherapy
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Light therapy

Treatments used in light therapyhave beneficial effects on the human body, with biostimulating, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory or thermal effects of various types of artificial sources

They include the following treatments:

  • Bioptron
  • Sanotherm
  • Solux
  • Biolaser
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Light therapy

Inhalation treatments

For respiratory problems, we usetreatmentswhich have a beneficial effect on chronic respiratory diseases, respiratory and lung diseases. They help the body's immune system and oxygenate the blood.

They include the following treatments:

  • Inhalation
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Salt cave
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Inhalation treatments

Other treatments

  • Ear candles
  • Dry carbon dioxide bath
  • Gas injections
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Other treatments

Treatment with GERnétic cosmetics

GERnétic cosmetic products bring a feeling of freshness and lightness to the skin which will be revitalised, brightened and tightened after the treatment. Very delicate perfuming envelops the client in a soft scent and enhances the feeling of deep relaxation. Treatments are provided in the wellness area in Dependance Liptov.

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Treatment with GERnétic cosmetics

Therapeutic exercises

A variety of special therapeutic rehabilitation methodologies are used. They are targeted to meet the client's needs for maintaining and restoring physical movement functions.

They include the following treatments:

  • Individual exercise
  • Group exercise - for relaxation
  • Group exercise - urological (incontinence)
  • Group exercise - for sterility (according to Mojžišová)
  • Group exercise - fit ball
  • Group exercise - rehabilitation
  • Group exercise - breathing gymnastics
  • Nordic walking
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Therapeutic exercises
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Medical stays through health insurance companies

In order to get a spa treatment, you need a written proposal. A proposal for spa treatment may be written by your general practitioner or a specialist (orthopaedist, gynaecologist, oncologist, FBLR rehabilitation doctor) on the basis of your verbal request.

Discounts on spa treatment through a health insurance company
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