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Indications we treat

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According to the decision of the State Spa Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic No.. 02631-29/2014 ŠKK, KÚPELE LÚČKY a.s. is allowed to treat the following indications:

I. Oncological diseases

III. Diseases of the digestive system

III/1 - Prolonged functional gastric dyspepsia, benign oesophageal diseases

III/2 - Ulcers of the stomach, duodenum and bulbitis in the stages of calmingexacerbation or remission

III/3 - Conditions after gastric, duodenal and oesophageal surgery; conditions afterliver or pancreas surgery; liver transplantation up to 12 months after surgery

III/4 - Regional enterocolitis, Crohn's disease

III/5 - Conditions after resection of the small or large intestine up to 12 months after surgery

III/6 - Proctocolitis - moderate and severe form including postoperative conditionsinremission, proven by rectoscopy or colonoscopy

III/7 - Chronic gallbladder disease with or without lithiasis, unless surgery is appropriate, and biliary disorders supported by expert findings

III/8 - Conditions following gallbladder and biliary tract surgery up to 12 months after surgery, includingconditions following gallstone extraction by endoscopic method and persistentdyspeptic problems, supported by expert opinion

III/9 - Conditions following acute hepatitis of any aetiology with proven impairment ofthe liver function within 6 months of the end of inpatient treatment

III/10 - Chronic liver disease with proven hepatic impairment, withoutsigns of portal hypertension - Child I.

III/11 - Conditions following acute pancreatitis or exacerbation of pancreatitis within 6 months ofacute episode or exacerbation associated with inpatient treatment

III/12 - Chronic pancreatitis with proven impairment of function or morphologicalchanges


IV. Diseases affecting metabolism and endocrine disorders

IV/I - Diabetes mellitus - within 6 months of its detection. Classified according to World Health Organization criteria

IV/2 - Diabetes mellitus with complications (micro- and macroangiopathies, neuropathies)

IV/3 - Hypelipoproteinaemia types II to V with complications

IV/4 - Conditions after thyroid surgery for thyrotoxicosis up to 12 months after surgery


V. Non-tuberculous diseases of the respiratory tract

V/1 - Chronic bronchitis, continuously professionally treated

V/2 - Other protracted obstructive pulmonary disease. Bronchial asthma continuously professionally treated

V/4 - Conditions following lower respiratory tract and lung surgery after lung transplantation up to 12 months after surgery

V/5 - Hypertrophic inflammation or atrophic changes of the upper respiratory tract, continuously professionally treated

V/6 - Allergic rhinitis proven by allergy testing, continuously professionally treated

V/7 - Conditions after upper respiratory tract surgery up to 12 months after surgery

V/8 - Pulmonary fibrosis, continuously professionally treated


VI. Nervous diseases

VI/1 - Polio (except post-traumatic), including post-infectious polyradiculoneuritis up to 12 months after the end of the acute stage

VI/2 - Polio (except post-traumatic) and post-poliomyelitis conditions

VI/3 - Consequences of poliomyelitis. Polyneuropathies with paretic manifestations

VI/4 - Polyneuropathies with paretic manifestations

VI/5 - Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system

VI/6 - Haemiparesis and paraparesis of vascular origin

VI/7 - Haemiparesis and paraparesis of vascular origin. Conditions following major central and peripheral nervous system injuries and surgery with impaired mobility

VI/8 - Conditions following major central and peripheral nervous system injuries and surgeries with impaired mobility with signs of recovering function, within 12 months of the injury or surgery.

VI/9 - Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases in the non-event stage with preserved ability for self-support

VI/10 - Neuromuscular degenerative diseases

VI/11 - Syringomyelia with paretic manifestations

VI/12 - Cerebral palsy

VI/13 - Parkinson's disease and other degenerative diseases of the basal ganglia


VII. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

VII/1 - Rheumatoid arthritis radiological stages I and II, psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's disease joint syndrome with functional disability, continuously treated

VII/2 - Rheumatoid arthritis radiological stages III to IV, psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's disease joint syndrome with severe functional impairment, continuously treated

VII/3 - Ankylosing spondylarthritis, radiological stages I to III (Bechlerev's disease) and other seronegative spondylarthritis with functional disability, continuously treated

VII/4 - Ankylosing spondylarthritis, radiographic stages IV and V (Bechlerev's disease) and other seronegative spondylarthritis with severe functional impairment, continuously treated

VII/5 - Scoliosis of idiopathic and other aetiologies with a Cobb curvature of 20 degrees or more, documented by radiographic description, up to 25 years of age, continuously treated in an orthopaedic or rehabilitation outpatient clinic

VII/6 - Relative and secondary arthritis (e.g. post-infectious) lasting more than 6 months, in the case of infectious types after focus rehabilitation, continuously treated

VII/7 - Coxarthrosis from stage II with functional disability, continuously treated

VII/8 - Arthroses accompanied by functional impairment, continuously treated and arthropathies in metabolic disorders

VII/9 - Vertebrogenic syndrome with transient painful spinal disorders, continuously treated

VII/10 - Conditions following musculoskeletal injuries or surgery, including intervertebral disc surgery and joint replacement surgery, which are accompanied by impaired muscle strength or limited joint mobility, or joint paralysis, up to a maximum of 12 months after the injury or surgery

VII/11 - Haemophilic arthropathy


XI. Women's diseases

XI/1 - Primary and secondary sterility and infertility, disorders of ovarian function and uterine development, continuously treated, in the case of women up to 38 years of age

XI/2 - Chronic inflammation of the internal genital tract continuously treated, not earlier than 2 months after the exacerbation has been resolved

XI/3 - Conditions after internal genital surgery up to 6 months after surgery, excluding diagnostic and laparoscopic surgery without complications

XI/4 - Conditions after internal genital surgery from 6 - 12 months after surgery, if not indicated

XI/5 - Complications after miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy continuously treated up to 12 months


XII. Occupational diseases

XII/3 - Disease caused by work in compressed air (bone and joint changes only).

XII/4 - Diseases of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves of the limbs caused by work withvibrating tools and equipment or prolonged excessive unilateral overload.

XII/8 - Diseases of the peripheral or central nervous system without significant psychiatric disturbances caused by toxic substances, noise or physical pollutants.

Component analysis with relation to bone mass
(amount in mg/l):


Calcium (Ca2+) - 606
Magnesium (Mg2+) - 97.8
Strontium (Sr+) - 9.9
Manganese (Mn+) - 0.049
Zinc (Zn+) - 0.003
Copper (Cu2+) - 0.002
Selenium (Se+) - 0.001...
Sodium (Na+) - 46.4
Iron (Fe2+) - 3.61


Fluorides (F-) - 1.99
Hydrocarbons (HCO3-) - 790
Hydrogen phosphates (HPO42-) - < 0.01
Sulphates (SO42-) - 1342
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