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Health Department

Health Department

A team of professionals in the Health Department provides health care for our clients. When starting their stays, clients undergo an initial medical examination or consultation with a doctor. The doctor will recommend appropriate treatments according to their health condition.

There is also a gynaecological outpatient clinic for the public in the Health Department (more information may be found below).


Náš tím lekárov:

Igor Dobrík, MD – Sergii Konstantynov, MD – doctor
Alla Kosťukevičová, MDdoctor 
Eva Sojčáková, MD - gynaecologist
Miroslav Sedláček, MD - gynaecologist
Simona Šinálová, MDgynaecologist

Gynaecological outpatient clinic - for the public

The gynaecological outpatient clinic was opened for the purpose of providing medical services in gynaecology and obstetrics, ultrasound in gynaecology and obstetrics. The outpatient clinic is located on the premises of KÚPELE LÚČKY a.s., in the Choč Spa Hotel in the Health Department. Doctor working in the outpatient clinic:Miroslav Sedláček, MD

The primary mission of the gynaecological outpatient clinic is to provide high-quality medical care in accordance with modern medical methods through the most humane approach.

Healthcare content

  • preventive checks for women
  • examination and treatment of infertility
  • preparation and referral of patients for the assisted reproduction procedure
  • pregnancy diagnosis and care for pregnant women
  • diagnosis and treatment of inflammation, spotting and painful conditions
  • basic examination in case of urinary incontinence followed by treatment in our spa
  • prescription of all types of contraception and follow-up of the patient
  • preparation and examination before abortion
  • preparation and examination before sterilisation
  • referral for breast X-ray and ultrasound examinations
  • diagnosis and treatment of climacteric and post-climacteric disorders
  • spa treatment management

You can make an appointment for an examination by calling:  044/4375649 or 0907 799 552- during working hours from 9.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m. or by e-mail to

Note:  Our facility will request medical documentation from your gynaecologist.

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