Medical treatment


Price list of medical treatments

Therapeutic equipment
Spa pool – we use this facility for swimming for 25 min. and hydrokineziotherapy (group exercising).
Bath spa – complementing balneotherapy in an appropriate way.


Baths we include here:

  • mineral carbonic bath

  • mineral bubble bath

  • mineral baths with essences – aromatic, herbaceous, peat, Solfatan

  • whirlpool

Paraffin – applied locally in form of hot wrap, according to the diagnosis and doctor’s prescription. It is heated up to 44 °C.
Peloids – in Lúčky we use pure peat mud with the content of organic matters 85 – 95 %, and together with mineral water, we process it into a thick paste. In this state when it is enriched with minerals, we apply it in form of a panty wrap on the area of small pelvis and in case of kinetic apparatus, we step to local application.


  • classical massage

  • underwater massage

  • reflexive massage

  • lava stone massage

  • honey massage

  • bamboo massage

  • whirlpool

  • scottish shower – chair

  • lymph drainages – manual and instrumental

Electrotherapy – is a part of physiatry with the use of healing effects of different forms of electrical energy, namely direct current, differently shaped pulses, alternating currents of low or middle frequency, high-frequency field and high frequency current.
In Lúčky, we use the following possibilities of electrotherapy:

  • diathermy

  • diatron

  • diadynamic currents

  • endomed

  • TENS /transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator/

  • magnetic therapy

  • biolaser

  • therapeutic ultrasound

  • galvanotherapy

Light therapy:

  • Bioptron lamp

  • Solux

  • sunlamp

  • Sanoterm

Intrador – gas injection of carbon dioxide. It is used mainly for its analgesic and spazmolitic effects within the treatment of diseases of the kinetic apparatus.

Therapeutic exercise – is an integral part of the complex treatment of diseases of the kinetic apparatus and gynecological disorders.

We offer the following possibilities of therapeutic exercises:

  • therapeutic exercise - fit ball

  • therapeutic exercise treating incontinence

  • rehabilitation exercise for osteoporosis

  • therapeutic exercise treating infertility (exercising according to Mojžišová)

  • group exercise after breast surgery

  • individual exercise according to doctor’s prescription

  • therapeutic exercise after surgery of kinetic apparatus

  • therapeutic exercise – relaxation

Supplementary treatment:

  • psycho-relaxation

  • autotraction

  • inhalation

  • oxygen therapy and vitamin therapy

When assigning our clients – patients to the therapeutic exercises, we take into account their health condition, age, diagnosis and overall condition. The use is large, above all with the diseases of kinetic apparatus as well as with the conditions after gynecological operations, inflammatory diseases and infertility, etc.


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