Drinking mineral springs

Drinking mineral springs

Indoor mineral spring

The drinking treatment applications based on the dissolved solids content are the following:

·  Functional gastrointestinal motility disorders
·  Impaired regulation of bile production and biliary dyskinesia/including post surgery/
·  Impaired function of the pancreas
·  Gastric diseases
·  Supplementary treatment of dyslipoproteinaemia                                                                        ·
·  Prevention of calcium - phosphate urinary stones
·  Supplementary treatment of urinary tract infections                                                                    
·  Osteoporosis, Prophylaxis of dental caries

Water temperature 35,2 °C Bore depth 600 m

Mineral water chemical analysis

Analysis of the bone mass related components (the amount in mg/l):

· Calcium (Ca2+) = 606
· Magnesium (Mg2+) = 97,8
· Strontium (Sr+) = 9,9
· Manganese (Mn+) = 0,049
· Zinc (Zn+) = < 0,003
· Copper (Cu2+) = < 0,002
· Selenium (Se+) = < 0,001
· Sodium (Na+ ) = 46,4
· Iron (Fe2+) = 3,61

· Fluorides (F-) = 1,99
· Bicarbonates (HCO3 -) = 790
· Hydrogen phosphates (HPO4 2-) = < 0,01
· Sulphates (SO4 2-) = 1342

HGL – 3 natural mineral water has been recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic – Inspectorate of Spas and Springs No. 07377/2006/IKŽ as natural medicinal water to be used for internal and external balneotherapy.

 Drinking treatment, course of the treatment and dosage:

  • the drinking treatment is usually 21 days long (minimum treatment period for gastrointestinal diseases)
  • the basic single dose: 220 ml – 1 standardized spa glass
  • the total daily dose is divided into several portions, the total daily intake of the mineral water during the drinking treatment is the amount of 750 ml at maximum
  • during the beginning of the drinking treatment (first week) doses are low – one third to one half of the
  • therapeutic drinking dose
  • the mineral water should be drunk on empty stomach, before a meal
  • it should be drunk in the morning and in the afternoon – before breakfast and before supper (between 6.00 – 8.00 and 16.00 – 18.00) and the morning dose should usually be bigger (2/3) than the afternoon one
  • the portion in the glass should be drunk  in smaller sips in the course of 3 – 5 – 8 minutes. A 10 – 15 min. break should be taken between the individual glasses.
  • exercise is recommended during the drinking treatment in the form of slow walking – which allows better transport of the mineral water in the digestive tract and improves its tolerance
  • everyone has different tolerance for a mineral water drinking treatment, these drinking treatment instructions are general instructions, in the event of intolerance to the drinking treatment it is necessary to lower the daily dose of the mineral water intake or to consult your condition with a doctor, it is generally true that mildly warm mineral water springs cause diarrhoea


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