In the summer of 2008 the Spa solemnly opened new AQUA – VITAL Park open year round.




New outdoor Vital World

On 22 May 2015 we opened a new outdoor Vital World, which complements the all-year open AQUA-VITAL Park. For our guests we have prepared a new Finnish sauna for 16 sitting people and new cooling pool providing great refreshment. For those who prefer relaxation in water we have a new open-air jacuzzi.

AQUA-VITAL Park has an outdoor recreational pool with water temperature 28 – 33 °C with various attractions as for example air deck chairs, countercurrent flow, water goblet, under surface lighting, massage jets and water gargoyles. Outdoor sitting pool with healing mineral water with temperature 36 – 38 °C offers relax and relief. There is also an indoor mineral pool with healing water with temperature 33 °C and 35 °C.

During the time when the clients don’t enjoy the pools, they can discover and enjoy other nearby attractions – an enormous game of chess, volleyball court, kids trampoline, kids swings and climbing frames. 

Pools are directly connected with the vital (sauna) world, with an interior that was designed in order to attain harmony together with modern technologies which creates condition for enjoyable relaxation and relief. Beneficial effects of saunas have been known since ever. Hot air in sauna evokes sweating and disposing of harmful substances, it opens pores, improves the congestion, and it has calming and relaxing effects. Vital world offers the following: Finnish sauna, menthol sauna, Roman bath with natural inhalation essences, Kneipp bath, tepidarium, turbo shower and shower – rain.
Vital world is special by use of essential oils the effects of which, in connection with inhalation and sauna detoxify the organism, reinforce body’s natural defense, effectively protect from diseases caused by cold. These essential oils relieve tension and stress.

There is also a Snack bar offering wide selection of food and beverages with system a la carte and banqueting room for private parties.




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