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Lúčky Spa is situated in the mountainous south facing valley under the flank of Choč Mountain, on the borders of Orava and Liptov regions, at an altitude of 621 m. It is situated 14 kilometers northeast from Ružomberok which is 280 km far from the capital of Bratislava on the route Bratislava – Žilina – Košice. This Spa is surrounded by the tranquil surroundings of the mountains and it is suitable for everyone who wants to have a rest from everyday busy life. The Spa treatment in Lúčky is one of the most effective treatments. The essence of all balneological methods lies within a nonspecific, general effect that influences client’s general condition and plays a positive role in the process of healing, mainly via tuning the vegetative functions of organism.

Since 1950 the Spa was focusing on the treatment of gynecological and oncological diseases; however in 2005 Spa returned to the treatment of the kinetic apparatus. In 2008 were the therapeutic indications used by that time joined by the treatment of occupational diseases. Within the treatment of the kinetic apparatus the Spa also offers suitable conditions for prevention and treatment of the osteoporosis. Mineral water from the springs HGL – 3 and BJ – 101 (Valentína) is being used in all pools and separate spas. It is also suitable for drinking and available not only for the accommodated guests, but also for the general public.

Clients can stay at the accommodation facilities of different categories, namely in the apartments and rooms in the Spa Hotel Choč***, in the Dependencies Adam**, Barbora**, Cyril** and Liptov**. Since July 2009 another Dependency MAJA**, is in operation, which increased the accommodation capacity of the Spa by 38 beds.

In 2008 the Spa built new AQUA – VITAL PARK open all year round, the part of which is a sitting pool with healing thermal mineral water with temperature 36 °C – 38 °C, recreational pool with water temperature 28 °C – 33 °C with various attractions (pool air seats, countercurrent flow, air deck chairs, water goblet, massage jets, water gargoyles, under surface lighting) and sauna world (Finnish sauna, menthol sauna, roman steam bath, Kneipp bath and trepidarium). Inner separate mineral pool with healing water with temperature 33 and 35 °C is also at your disposal. Snack bar with vide offer of meals and drinks with system a la carte and banqueting hall for private group is a part of AQUA – VITAL Park, too.

The Spa is suitable for all age groups and it offers various kinds of stays – curative, curative-preventive, weekend, senior, stays with programs for women and men, tourist stays, stays focused on the treatment of osteoporosis, ski, slimming, New Year Eve’s and Easter stays. The management of the company is trying to adjust their offer according to their clients´ demands and they are undertaking various actions in order to attract their attention. Thanks to the fact that the quality of the offered services is being improved year by year, the Spa is successful at attracting more and more clients, because it is true everywhere in the world that „a satisfied client is the best advertisement“.

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